7 keys for Intuitive and Mindful Eating 

A revolutionary way to be free from dieting forever. 

Most people do not realize that the way we think about food has as much an effect on your health and weight as what you actually eat. The more you go on a restrictive diet the more difficult your relation with food becomes. Eating a chocolate with love will have a very difficult effect on you instead of eating with guilt. 

How independent are you from external circumstances? The amount of stress in your life should not have an effect on what or how much you eat. 

What you eat,  how you eat and in which mindset you eat will determine the amount you eat, the foods you choose and when you eat. Although we associate eating with food it is better to think of "eating" in terms of "nourishing". We have different kinds of hunger some have to do with having to eat something but others have to do with other needs. To be able to make that distinction you need to be connected to your body and present in the here and now otherwise there is just no way of telling what it is you need. 

Intuitive & mindful eating is a method that helps you discern different kinds of hunger and different kind of needs and by applying this you will have a more balanced and healthy eating pattern that sets you free from dieting. 

We all divide foods in categories such as good or bad. Here already the problem starts. When you are eating something that is bad or not enough of what is good, how does it make you feel? And consequently how does how you feel influence your eating behavior?  I guess you see what I mean. 

During this retreat you will learn 7 crucial steps to be able to develop an intuitive way of choosing what to eat depending on your needs at any given moment. Intuitive eating goes beyond what you eat. It is all about what you need to feel satisfied and be nourished. 

The 7 steps include awareness exercises, techniques to be in the present moment, eating according to your metabolic type and tools to develop compassion for your self. 

Spending time in nature: in the tranquillity of nature, we are supported by a very powerful energy that heals and supports transformation. A big part of the time we are going to be outside in the beautiful surroundings of our venue. When you are moving things start to move. We will go to explore incredible places for example: beaches, sunsets, sunrises where the energy will help you raise your consciousness and connect to deeper parts of yourself.

IMPORTANT: before entering the program a take-in conversation by video-call is necessary. ​

Price: 1500 euro


6 nights in a private villa, 3 nutritious mediterranean meals a day, free water / tea/ coffee

The program activities

workbook 7 Keys for Intuitive and Mindful Eating

2 x 20 minutes in infrared sauna

1 hour massage

The food is sourced locally and organic as much as possible. Please inform us beforehand if you have any food intolerances or allergies.

The menu varies according to the program activities, season and weather.

Breakfast example: fresh fruits, yogurt, granola, eggs, the special of the day,, bread, cheeses, jams.

A light lunch like a quinoa salad or poké bowl.

Dinner example: gazpacho, fresh fish of the day with vegetables and roasted potatoes, homemade dessert

Not included: flights, transport to the venue, travel insurance (mandatory), personal expenses, alcoholic beverages


05/23 - 05/26 (fast track)

09/17 - 09/23







Yoga Retreat: Yoga and the 4 elements

More info to come

Date 05/10 - 05/16