Hello, I am Birgit owner and founder of Casa Eleonora. All my passions and professional expertise come together in my B&B. My passion for good food, wellness, nature, sports, beautiful things and entertaining people combined with my 20+ years of experience and professional expertise as coach and meditation expert/teacher. 

Our values also include sustainability and giving back to the local community. We choose as much as possible local food and source it with small local businesses.

We invested in solar panels to heat the water, we have a water purifier for our drinking water that we put in glass bottles, we try to avoid to use plastics as much as possible and we sort our waste. I work as much as possible with local people and products. The water for the pool and the garden is water dedicated for that purpose. In 2020 we also started to recycle used furniture. The beauty experts in the spa are local and self-employed.

I love to give you my best addresses for any kind of food, the most fun beach clubs or the best places to walk whatever it is you like to do. I have explored the Algarve for many years and I keep discovering new things that I like to share with you. Actually the Algarve is like paradise but it needs a bit of explanation. I found it a bit strange in the beginning that nobody tells you about the best places to go. For example there are so many different kind of beaches here that are fantastic and that do not appear on any internet page or did you know that depending on the season the area is amazing for bird watching. Now I know that locals like to keep their best spots secret to protect them from the crowds.  

The Algarve is a special place that heals and revitalizes everybody. Many times people arrive tired and stressed only to discover that after 1 or 2 nights sleep and some time near the ocean they feel much better. The air near the ocean is very healthy and my guests often sleep much better here than in their own bed. 

 I  invite you to discover yourself what all the beauty and amazing light and luminosity can do for you.  

Our wellbeing packages can be purely for the body but an excellent facial treatment becomes awesome if you combine this with a zen mind.

That is what we are all about. To make you smile and glow. 

I hope to meet you here at Casa Eleonora.